Policy Research redesign

Redesign of World Bank Policy Papers

Vital Signs Redesign

The quality of life in neighborhoods sets the context for everything that happens in the places we live, work, play, learn, and grow. For more than a decade, the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance – Jacob France Institute has been committed to promoting, supporting, and helping people make better decisions using accurate, reliable, and accessible data and indicators to improve the quality of life in Baltimore City neighborhoods. The annual release of the Vital Signs report “takes the pulse” of Baltimore neighborhoods and the indicators serve as a common or shared measurement system for neighborhoods to understand where they stand relative to city benchmarks. This allows communities to track the impact of mutually-reinforcing activities towards the common goal of a better quality of life in every neighborhood.

Multilingual Chemotherapy Report Redesign

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is an essential component of the World Health Organization’s work on preventive chemotherapy and transmission control. Monitoring measures the implementation of strategic activities for preventive chemotherapy, while evaluation measures the extent to which its objectives are being reached.